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ROGUEHEIM is a dungeon crawler with permanent death and stunning graphics (if you are blind) created in undear a week, as a "prototype".

How to play the game:

% = stairs, you want to find those!

(red circles) = you want to avoid/kill those

(blue heart) = you!

you move with the arrow keys.

you punch stuff by moving towards it.

you pick up items by walking over them and pressing A,B,C,D,E, or F.

you equip/drop/eat/drink items by pressing the slot they are placed on and then pressing v for dropping it or n for using it. EXAMPLE: you have a battle axe placed on slot A, you press A and then a message pops up, you press n and you equip it,

you drop your equipment by pressing
q for clothes
w for hands
after pressing for example "w" you can choose a slot you want to place it on (has to be an empty slot)


Read the messages, or you will die.

Dont rush thru enemies, or you will die.

look at your stats (Hunger/hp) from time to time, or you will die.


if this game gets enought support I might actually add a Title screen, a loading screen instead of the weird blue thing creating the level,

or I can make a new game with better graphics better inventory and better AI (sorry I didnt have time to make it good), more monster etc,

just tell me in the comments what you want and I'll think about it ;)

And dont forget to check out my other game called dungeon S.A.D.C, tell me which one is best and what kind of games you would like to see in the future!

*Please play before donating*


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Hey! Thats pretty ok!

gg wp


This gaim is broing!. i want he refund me money i spent on thi sfree gaim! and controls are to hard? you don"t even tel how to plai yuor stupid gaim!!!1
it not like it sais in the description how to plai or anithing! and when you downlod gaIM THERE IS DEFINITILY NO HOw to plai txt file that is downloded wit gaim!

NO, seriously, if you wonder how to play read the descrition and read the text file included in the zip, if you actually do wonder about something not written in there, feel free to comment, but please read the descrition before you do... thank you! :3